Dieboard Expert

Input data in DWG/DXF format. The CAD data represents the job to be cut. The job can be the individual die-board or the layout of die-boards on a sheet. Applications are identified by colours. From CAD data the system generates BILLET and required figures and assigns to figures the correspondent machining methods. All tools are identified by TOOLID and defined in Data Base. The tool path is adjusted to compensate for the tool deflection depending on material type, material thickness, tool ID. Deflection data is setup in the correspondent data set. The system automatically generates NC G-code machining program in the format required by NC control. Machining can be modified by the programmer if required. To see the overview of Die Board Expert see VIDEO.

Said Alan Pearce, Custom Cutting Forms managing director: “These guys have provided us with an excellent package and outstanding support that surpasses our expectations. The overall cost has come in well under the alternatives and we are confident that we get superior results”.