Manifold Expert

CAMTEK PACIFIC, working with manifold manufacturing companies, has developed Manifold CAM Expert for use with the PEPS CADCAM suite. A hydraulic or pneumatic manifold has to provide control of multitude of operating units accordingly to the customer specification. As a result manifolds can vary substantially in their configuration and complexity although they generally consist of standard elements that represent ideal parametric features. To see Video please go here.

Said Bob Nolan, Manifold Manufacture manager: The main advantage of using Expert approach is the capability to generate complete NC program to machine a manifold directly from the design data practically eliminating human factor. The reliable NC program ready to go for unmanned NC machining is generated in minutes instead of hours. We are a lot more confident using Expert programs over previous when we had to set up and prove out our first blocks. Now it is always right as we are using proven features.

Features at a glance:

Manifold Stahdard Features library

Manifold Company Features library

General Company Features library

Features Machining Methods library

Extensive range of CAD interfaces; both for import and export

Comprehensive machine and postprocessor database

CUSTOM FLUIDPOWER PTY LTD utilises the latest in Cartridge Valve Technology including SUN Hydraulics and Waterman Hydraulics to design and manufacture state-of-the-art hydraulic manifolds covering industrial, mobile, agricultural, marine and aerospace applications. The design is produced on Pro-Engineer CAD system using manifold elements as parametric features. Manifold Expert retrieves features data generated during design. For every parametric feature Expert has rules for its machining setup by the company personnel. Manifold Expert is using these rules and Tool-Cut Data Base to resolve all required machining operations to produce all features and to cut the manifold.

Preprogrammed manifolds can be loaded onto the machine tool table or a multisided pallet. Manifold Expert is a process planner which automatically sequences and groups all operations for all manifolds in the layout and subsequently generates a comprehensive NC machining program for the layout as a whole.

The strategy of the machining changes from one company to another as well. Accordingly to the company requirements some operations can be grouped to be machined with the same tool on all sides to minimize number of tool changes and some can be grouped to machine side by side to provide better precision by minimizing number of pallet settings. Practically any machine tool and CNC control can be used as Manifold Expert provides 100% adapted NC output to use all machine tool and NC control capabilities.

M&W MANUFACTURING in Cedar Rapids, US has been creating custom hydraulic manifolds since 1979. The company has manufactured over 100,000 custom manifolds for many industry leading companies across the world. Using specialized CAD/CAM software, the company provides quick, consistent, and competitive response. Whether the customer has a full 3D model or a sketch on a napkin, the engineering department will work closely with the customer to outline a project that fits the required needs and the budget. The wide variety of requirements is making critical the flexibility of Manifold Expert. CAMTEK PACIFIC is providing an unsurpassed level of training and support to make it possible for M&W MANUFACTURING personnel to be able to customise Manifold Expert to satisfy these requirements.

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