VISI Integral Machining Expert VMX

MILL EXPERT is using "Know-How" and "Know-What" the company is manufacturing to generate direct from CAD the required NC program for CAM. An expert system comprises the customer's product range, accepted technology and available tooling.

MILL EXPERT system is feature oriented. A construction feature is the element of the final product which can be easily identified either from the design or the manufacturing point of view. Construction features represent typical industry wide elements such as pockets, slots, holes, etc for the typical engineering part.

Construction features can be described using parameters derived from the drawing and/or by recognition of features of the solid model of the part itself. VISI COMPASS is a powerful software system which provides a friendly way to develop the intelligent Mill Expert. MILL EXPERT decides what has to be machined, how much metal has to be removed or left, which tools to invoke and what cutting feeds and speed to apply. It automatically sequences the cutting operations in an optimum order and generates a manufacturing procedure for the part as a whole. Mill Expert covers with the same ease the machining of the part, the layout of the the same or different parts on the machine tool table or the multisided loaded tomb. The optimum sequence will provide the minimal number of tool changes and the rotary table moves. As the rule in multipart layout the machining is provided with the automatic checking of tools by the tool probe and it is covered by the generated NC program.

The "human factor" is put to the minimum and automatically generated NC program goes from the part to the NC machine without the trial run.

The video demonstrates the four clicks required by VMX to step up in seconds from the solid model of the required part to the comprehensive CNC program to cut it.

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