Milling, Turning, Wire EDM, Laser, 3D Printing, Punch, Routing CAD/CAM NC/CNC Programming and Expert Applications from Camtek Pacific in Victoria, New South Wells, South Australia, Western Australia, Queensland, New Zealand. More about us - on Google

The company supplies and develops standard and/or highly customized NC programming software and turnkey systems. Mill Expert is used in general engineering and tool making. From a parametric definition of features of the part it automatically resolves, sequences and groups all required operations and generates NC program for a part as a whole ready to go for unattended machining without trial.

CAMTEK PACIFIC is a leader in development and implementation of Expert Knowledge Based CAD/CAM Systems. The advantages of developed knowledge based expert software allow the rapid development of specialized CAM Expert applications. Cutting down of programming time and of idle time of machine tools due automatic generation and reliability of NC programs varies from 25 % to 75%.

The software is based on Open Architecture of CAD/CAM engine. The company creates and distributes software for aiding the design and manufacturing process in the wide range of manufacturing sectors of the industry. Expert Applications cover the design and manufacture of plastic injection moulds, sheet metal stamping dies, hydraulic and pnewmatic manifolds, dieboard cutting, 3D printing, cabinet making. General Applications cover progressive dies, shoe moulds, electrode production, multi-axis laser cutting, 6 axis laser tube cutting, 2-4 axis wire EDM and others. These widespread product types are in turn to be found in a multitude of manufacturing industry sectors such as automotive, electronic, medical, white goods and aerospace.

The company is looking for partners who can move its products into new markets and for new customers who would like to support their product and manufacturing Know-How with power of the latest CAD/CAM technology.