3D Scanners – for mounting direct on a CNC machine, Tabletop 3D Scanner, Portable 3D Scanner and Handheld 3D Scanner

CAD/CAM – for copying scans and triangle based geometry on any 3-axis, 5-axis and turning lathe CNC machine

Training & Support – at your facilities or via the internet


“We have a higher degree of freedom, because we can scan everything – only our imagination sets a limit – but most important: We can produce much faster and with greater precision!”

  • About Scantech

    More than 20 years world wide: 3D Scanners for mounting on any 3-5 axis and turning lathe CNC machine. Tabletop, Portable and Handheld 3D Scanners. 3-5 axis and turning lathe CAD/CAM for copying works of art fast and efficient in stone and other materials.